Main theme:

Caring for Our Future

The primary goal of this year’s Poly Forum is to put the onus on our youth to consider how the issues of the day are all inter-connected and dynamic, while the theme challenges our centennials to demonstrate care to the diverse communities, and our nation, today and for the future.

You are the first generation of Singaporeans born into ever-present 24/7 technology and social media. More than the generations before yours, you are more adept at broaching multiple diverse topics and activities, as well as thinking abstractly, and more inclined to pursue entrepreneurism, in ways that would have baffled your predecessors.  The time has come for you to show that you care and will take action to positively impact our future.



Skills and Jobs

Change is the only constant. As jobs are evolving faster in this digital age, you will be as good as the skills you possess. How can you upskill, reskill and adapt to the needs of the ever-changing employment landscape? An impressive resume can get your foot through the door, but it will be your ability to quickly learn new skills, and adaptability in anticipating and solving multifaceted problems that will make you indispensable. Do you care enough to futureproof your life?

Social Inclusion

What part do you play in ensuring a caring and cohesive Singapore? Sustainable development cannot be achieved without full engagement of individuals and communities. Leaving no one behind necessitates that individuals care enough to facilitate the integration of migrants, encourage the acceptance of ex-offenders and de-stigmatise special needs, mental health and other issues that affect others within our community. How can we remain socially united and respectful of our differences in times of needs and tension? What are some of the concrete steps you can take as an individual so that no one is left behind today and in the future?

Sustainable Development

Is Singapore’s current development sustainable? Sustainable development is more than just caring for our environment. All around the world, centennials have demonstrated that they care enough to mobilise themselves to embrace the Sustainable Development Goals. Today’s youth have proven their worth in building new systems that founded on sharing knowledge and cooperating across borders. More than ever, youth are becoming more aware of the enormous stake you have in addressing global challenges—income inequality, climate change, conflict and poverty. You have a crucial role to play and now is the time to put your heads, your hearts and your hands to improve life and futureproof Singapore. 

Security and Stability

The geo-stability of the ASEAN region impacts Singapore directly. Strong ties among ASEAN members preserve peace and stability which benefit all ASEAN residents. Poverty, inequality, education and terrorism threaten ASEAN’s geo-stability directly and, along with that, Singapore’s future. And in today’s inter-connected, digital yet volatile world, care and diplomacy need to be practised on an individual level because the security and stability of our future can be won or lost in mere keystrokes. Peace and stability start with our youth. As Singaporean youth, what can you do to secure our future?